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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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   "With fuel injection and computer control
    the user is much less involved."

That's the song I sing.

But, I went to some trouble to make some changes to this
little car, like a new, improved higher-velocity (smaller
chamber for the primary barrel) manifold (I went into
detail once on the list once) ... I've been down the
'lane' to recognize something about automotive engineering
and fuel ecomomy ...

The *big* gains seen with FI versus carbs is well known, but,
if cylinder to cylinder distribution of the FA mixture is
correct at cruise I can't see the FI outperforming the
carb ... there other areas where FI outshines a carb as
the carb is limited in adjusting it's mixture due
to altitude changes, temp changes, etc.

This Pinto of mine was also out-fitted with an after
market mileage meter (I also described this once on
the list) which measured fuel flow and was connected
in-line with the odometer. It measured true, nearly
instaneous mileage, within the limits of it's
accuracy ...

And no, anybody who got 40 MPG on a 70's Toyota built for the
US market would have to provide documentation supporting
that claim before anyone extends credible belief to that

RF Jim

   "Our ability to manufacture fraud has exceeded
    our  ability to detect it."

    - Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky in the movie 'Simone'

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> Not too surprising, if you have a car with a carb it is much more work to
> keep it getting good mileage. With fuel injection and computer control the
> user is much less involved. TTYL
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