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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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Hmmm ... I believe the previous discussion involved
*old* cars, in this case, old Toyotas.

I had a friend who had a 70's vintage Toyota years
ago and I don't recall him ever touting really
good gas mileage.

I don't belive I ever saw even thirty MPG on my Ford
Pinto (inline 4 cyl, 4-speed stick)!

RF Jim

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My wife and I recently bought two Chevy Prizms.
These are basically Toyota corollas with a
domestic nameplate.

We easily average in the high 30 MPG's with
the air conditioner running almost always. I
am NOT known for my miserly driving style.

I find 40 a very believable number.

Of course, I don't go looking for Mustangs
or Ferraris to race, either.


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Subject (change) Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)

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