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Thread: Windows-linux file transfer problems...
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With both drives mounted and running Linux, it's okay.
Same 2 drives mounted, but running Win2k, it's not okay.

Will look into setting up samba, but I'm limited to one
laptop, 3 physical drives and a secondary drive-tray.
I'm travelling currently so away from home base.  And don't
expect to return for months.

I just thought of tarring all the files under Linux and
seeing if it extracts okay under Win2k.  I'll be back...

"Boxen" ???  Bwahaahaahaahaahaahaa!!!


> From: Dale Botkin:
> Can you leave the drive on the Linux machine and share the drive with
> samba?  Then you could copy the files across the network.  Other than that
> I dunno.  I've often mounted FAT32 and NTFS volumes on Linux boxen and
> haven't seen the problem you're having.

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