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Thread: Windows-linux file transfer problems...
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Can any Win & Linux expert help me with this problem?...

- Win2K (NTFS) drive crashed.
- Mounted it as secondary drive to another Win2K machine,
  but Win2K couldn't recognize the partitions.
- So instead, I mounted as secondary to a Linux installation
  and it was able to read the drive and copy the files over
  to the Linux (Fat32) drive.  Verified that I can read the
  files properly once transferred to the Linux drive, and
  that the filenames and extensions are good.
- Now, I boot up a clean Win2K installation with the Linux
  (Fat32) drive as a secondary (now holding the recovered
  files), but all file extensions are showing up as...
  The filenames themselves are okay, just the extensions
  are messed up as <curly-brace>, <underscore>, and a
  sequential number.
- Booted into Linux again, and the file extensions are
  still good.

Anyone know why?  All I need now is to get the recovered
files from the Linux Fat32 FS to a Win2K (NTFS) installation.


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