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Thread: The joys of electronics
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Sounds familiar - when I was working at a repair shop fixing cheap
clock-radios and the like, the favorite was a 10uf 16v electrolytic
concealed in the mains plug of a soldering iron (here in the UK we
have fused plugs with quite a lot of space inside, and 240 volts to
play with....). This sort of escalated to the point that every time I
turned up there , I had to tur everything on at arms length, with a
stick in case of explosions....

For retalliation I resorted to somewhat more subtle tactics - we had
quick-connect 'safebloc' mains connectors on the bench, and I
dismantled the 3 amp ceramic mains fuse from one , and inserted  a
ground-down 1N4007 diode inside the ceramic tube, in place of the fuse
wire. I think it must have killed the internal fuses in about half a
dozen clock-radio mains transformers before they figured it out....
This tactic is also highly effective in bench lights, which run at
half brightness!

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