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Thread: Data loggers in new cars
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Hi, List.

With all this talk about cars, I thought I'd throw a question into the mix.

I just discovered that my new 2002 Pontiac Aztec may actually be collecting
data about my driving habits. (Of course, it is.) My queston is, how can I
access this data MyOwnSelf?


According to this link, it appears to actually do this through the *airbag
computer?*, I guess because it knows when you crash.

For that matter, is there any place on the web where I can learn more about
the computerized aspects of this car? It is the most highly computerized
vehicle I have ever owned, and I'm not sure I completely like the idea. For
example, I cannot "turn off" the headlights. It, and it alone, decides when
they will go off.

It allows me to program the response to the keyfob, opening all doors when I
press unlock, or opening only the driver's door.

And, it tells me when to change the oil; then requires a user-initated reset
of the oil-change system, initiated by three presses of the accelerator
pedal while holding something else in, blah, blah, blah.

Any info would be appreciated.

Mark Skeels
Competition Electronics

"Refusal to apply available knowledge
for reasons of special interest was, as it
often is now, a major part of the

--Russell McMahon


Soli Deo Gloria!

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