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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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    "If it were a standard I'd get even better
     mileage. Of course in the city it's worse
     (since I'm never in overdrive in the city)."

We've come a LONG ways from the two-speed GM
"Powerglide" (Slush-o-matic!) that sat behind
the 283 CID V8 power plant that was in my Dad's
1964 Chevy Belair.

Today's lock-up torque converters in today's
automatic tranmissions aren't as inefficient
as they once were, and can, against *most*
drivers probably out-do a manual transmission
mileage wise.

Today it's no longer just a case of the mechanical
levers and linkages or a fluid 'computer' that
determines which gear is selected - there's a
micro in the loop ...

RF Jim

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Subject (change) Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)

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