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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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>> Anybody know the gas mileage specs of the Honda hybrid electrics off
>> the top of their head?

> 50mpg/US$20K for the Civic.

Honda has two hybrids now:  the 50 mpg Civic, which seats 4 (5 if small)
and looks "normal", and the Insight, which I've heard can approach
70 mpg, seats only 2, and looks "funky".
I suppose it's for aerodynamics, but it never looks good to me to cover
up half of the back wheel the way the Insight does.
I would be curious to know how often that battery pack will need to be
replaced - that will be a significant expense that your typical diy'er
probably won't be able to get around (unlike replacing your own engine,
for example).

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