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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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The lower used price says something strong about resale
value ... or lack thereof.

To achieve high gas mileage, they use very high-end
components to get very accurate & efficient fuel control.
For example, the Insight uses wide-band O2 sensors, rather
than the regular O2 sensors most current EFI cars use.
However, when it's time to replace these, it costs >$600
a piece.

I'm sure I can get a regular Ford Mustang to give me higher
gas mileage with the more accurate wide-band O2 sensors.
Even more if the body were made with the same composite
materials, the wheel-wells covered, the car size shrunk
down and streamlined, etc.

My point here is that this is still not an
apples-to-apples comparison.  "Regular" combustion-engined
vehicles can gain a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency
using the similar technologies or level of technology that
the Insight uses, diminishing the apparent benefits of the


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