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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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Friend with a Honda hybrid sees 57-ish mpg.  Personally, if
you consider the size/shape/lack-of-performance/lack-of-utility
of the car, that's not so impressive compared to the Civic VX
which was touted to give somewhere near 50mph (IIRC).  And
this was with a non-hybrid regular gasoline engine.  Add the
aerodynamics and other non-powerplant features of the Insight
and I'm sure that 50mpg would go up noticeably.

Somehow I don't see electrics/hybrids as "cool".  Cool is...
muscle car with big 460 V8 blown/stroked to 514 and high enough
compression ratio to generate flames out the exhaust!  With fuel
consumption measured in gpm (gallons per mile).
Now that's cool!  :-)


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