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Thread: Newbie's first attempt
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At first glance, it would seem to be okay, except that
the 10k resistor on MCLR may not be holding it high enough.
Try a 1K or directly connecting MCLR to +ve.  That's just
a guess though.

If not, the resonator may be a problem.  Seems that many
have had problems with non-Murata resonators, so perhaps
you could try an RC oscillator for now.  Remember to change
the config switches.

Even though you set the config switches in the code, you
may be able to override it with the command-line options
during programming.  Perhaps you have some of this causing
a problem?

Check the resistor array.  Perhaps you've got a DIP with
a single common, rather than 8 individual resistors?  I
mention this since a local store has done that to me on
a couple occassions -- given me the wrong one.


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