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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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> An SUV does NOT automatically a "4WD off-roader" make!

Nope. The sort of thing I'm thinking of is the Pajero. Although it's
designed, or rather marketed, as an off-roader I doubt whether
many people do take it there, and probably get seriously pissed
off when it gets dirty. Over the years I've seen various SUVs tested
for ruggedness and some of them could be considered as off-road
vehicles (eg Landrover derivatives, Landcruiser etc) but many of
them would fall apart and don't have the guts for that kind of terrain.
They're just the "in" thing these days, especially if you get a personalised
plate too. There are better SUV off-roaders used for farm work. I had
a trip along the motorway the other day in an early model Toyota utility.
Not very comfortable, but you felt like it was a vehicle you could drive
anywhere and throw around a bit

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Subject (change) Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)

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