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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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An SUV does NOT automatically a "4WD off-roader" make!

Lift kits!

Oversize tirs!

A ladder to board the thing!

Rifle in the gun rack behind the driver!

Winch kit!

Snatch-em strap as standard on-baord equipment (a
large rubber band that works WONDERS pulling buddies
out of the mud)!

CB radio!

Mud flaps!

Garter hanging from the mirror!

"Live Free or Die" bumper sticker!

NRA bumper sticker on other side of bumper!

(You guys have been living *in the city* for
waaaaaay too long!!)

The only "off-roader" I ever thought was worth a
flip was an old converted VW chassis my brother
had fixed up - he could make 10 times the speed
of a friends jeep owing to the spring in the
suspension -

- whereas the jeep (CJ-5) was comparatively so
stiff it would beat you to death if you tried
the same thingm (it's also the reason our military
has 'dune buggys' in their motor pool for special

RF Jim

   "Our ability to manufacture fraud has exceeded
    our  ability to detect it."

    - Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky in the movie 'Simone'

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Subject (change) Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)

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