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Thread: Newbie's first attempt
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First, slap yourself on the wrist for use of 'tris'.  I'll let
it slide this time. :-)  I copied your code into MPLAB and
simulated it successfully.  So that's okay.  The problem must
be with the circuit.  Can you email that or ascii-draw it here?

Few things I can think of:
- Some programmers will not give you feedback if the programming
 fails.  Test this by building one of the LED flashers from
 the piclist site, etc.  IE: something *known* to work.
- Is MCLR connected to +ve?
- You're resetting your delays with '0F' which is 16.  With 2
  counters, you have a delay of 256 loop cycles.  At 4Mhz, each
  instruction is 1 micro-second, so that's not much of a
  delay.  Change those to 'FF' or so for now.

Either way, even though you say that the circuit is correct,
there may be something that a fresh and more experienced pair
of eyes may pick up.


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