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Thread: Vehicle Crumple (Was: Gas & taxes)
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  "Large vehicles are generally designed to be
   stiffer and have less crumple zone protection."

I would think that this would not be the case,
rather, I would think that adequate 'crumple'
would be engineered in and would further more be
proportional 'crumple' per the vehicles weight
*yet* providng for the same amount of personnel
safety, as the Institute for Highway Safety (a
'cover', BTW, for an insurance lobby!) tests 'crumple
zones' and resultant effects on passengers by running
vehicles into concrete abutments and *not* other
vehicles ...

(Discussion above was assumed above to involve only
passenger vehicles and not commercial vehicles/trucks/
buses which don't seem to be required to meet the same
requirements for 'crumple' as passenger vehicles.)

RF Jim

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