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Thread: Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)
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> designed to be stiffer and have less crumple zone protection. A 4Wd
> vehicle will generally not 'fold up" in an accident the same way that a
> car designed to do so will do so. The subsequent difference in peak
> acceleration forces can have a significant effect on outcomes - which
> is why crumple zones exist

The big concern is that large 4WD off-roaders have a higher impact
zone than "normal" cars. So if you're in a normal family car and get hit
by a large 4WDOR , the chances are that you will come off 2nd best.
The 4WDOR will not meet yours bumper-to-bumper as its are much
higher, but could end up through the windows or riding right over you.
A study last year by the AAA should how badly cars on the receiving
end of attention from 4WDORs fared, and particularly so if those
4WDORs had bull bars. In a collision these are just battering rams.
As a cyclist my natural instinct is to fear them more than normal traffic,
they're just so big and stinky diesely, but after having riden in a few I
now appreciate the better field of view you get in one. Perhaps in that
regard they're safer

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Subject (change) Gas & taxes (was Online electronics store)

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