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Thread: Sick of "NASA faked the Moonlandings" conspiracy theorists send them here.
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Has anybody encounterd articles that detailed the
world-wide communications network which was employed
by NASA to enable i to communicate with the space

Or met someone who worked on or developed those systems?

I managed to convert a skeptic a year or so back during an
online discussion where it turned out that a gentleman
who had developed parts of the system while he was at
Motorola was present and filled in some details in
answer to the skeptic's question.

There is also this aspect -perhaps someone has input
on this as well- would not the Soviets at that time
have not pronounced this to be a fraud should it have
been a fraud?

I mean, they could easily have received the telemetry
and voice comms as easily as NASA (physics knows no
political bounds therefore the radio signals would have
been as available to them as *anyone* else given the
proper receiving appraratus!). Anyone remember the
infamous "Russion Fishing Trawlers" and their prescence
around the world?

The British Telecom Connection

I also recalled reading an account here involving "The
Post London Office Tower" (The BT Tower) and NASA:


Brief excerpt:

Apollo 13

On 13th April 1970 the Apollo 13 service module (SM) Odyssey was crippled by
an explosion from an oxygen tank, causing the mission to be aborted. It took
all of NASA's ingenuity to return the crew safely to Earth.

A Technical Officer who worked in the Tower remembers...

"When the Apollo 13 mission was on we had a request from the US Embassy to
turn off transmitters within certain frequencies (I can't remember whether
it was in the 4 or 6 gig band) because the signal from the ship was so weak
terrestrial stations were swamping the Apollo signals especially when it was
near the horizon. This happened all over the world, that was the first
indication of how dire things really were."


Tower index:

RF Jim

   "Our ability to manufacture fraud has exceeded
    our  ability to detect it."

    - Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky in the movie 'Simone'

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Subject (change) Sick of "NASA faked the Moonlandings" conspiracy theorists send them here.

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