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Thread: Operational amplifier survey
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LM108A/LM308A -

GREAT little low-power op-amp, although there are
some new types that may surpass it now, it still
remains one of the lower input-current bipolars
opamps that rivaled FET-input designs in it's day.


If one needs a bit more speed, the LM118 was a good
part (I don't know if these are made/available
anymore!) which I once used in a design to integrate
detected RADAR pulses as a part of a "Missing
Pulse Detector" (Panavia Tornado nose RADAR TFR
transmitter) - the constants for the integrator
were something like 390 Ohms and 270 picoFarads.


Good little 50 Line driver. Probably superseded by
something else these days.

RF Jim

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