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Thread: Operational amplifier survey
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I would like to stock a small assortment of operational amplifiers for quick and convenient use, and i think some people here have suggestions.  (today i often use TL07x, TL05x but i feel need to upgrade)

I would like to select one or two types for each cathegory as listed below.
You are welcome to fill in suggestions, plus reasons why.
And maybe add some cathegory.   (audio / power / video)
Maybe we should add cathegories for comparators too?
 (cheap / fast / low power / with reference)
If somebody know of some good comparision chart or something please post a link.
I dream of a large spreadsheet with lots of parameters neatly in columns, including cost, links to detailed datasheet... -so if somebody don´t have anything else to do... ;)

I am thinking on following cathegories:
     * Decent low cost
LM324/224/124: Cheap quad. Inputs go below GND, output go near GND. 3..30V supply. <9mV Offset.

     * Better (Lower Offset, Lower noise, still not very expensive)
     (-No demand of rail-rail, low voltage etc)

TLE206x (performance upgrade for TL05x, TL07x, and MUCH lower power: typ 0,3mA/OP)
     * ofset about 1mV or better, and low offset drift         (but not chopper)(may be expensive)

     * Fast

     * Low voltage, rail-rail input and outputs

LM6142/6144: 1,8..24V, rail-rail in and out. Offset 0,8..4 mV max depending on part no suffix.

     * Choppers
ICL7650S: Offset max 10uV @ 85°C. Supply +/-3..8V max 3,5mA.  2MHz BW.

     * Instrumental and such (one or more Opamp plus precision resistors)

LT1101: Fixed gain of 10 or 100 (+/- 0,04% max). Supply typ 0,1mA.

LTC1100: Instrumental chopper, OS max 10uV.  Fixed gain of 10 or 100.



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