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Thread: PIC16f628 Problems
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On Sat, Aug 24, 2002 at 10:20:01PM -0400, Jai Dhar wrote:
> Quoting Byron A Jeff <EraseMEbyronspam_OUTspamCC.GATECH.EDU>:
> > On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 01:45:28PM -0400, Jai Dhar wrote:
> > You have FreeBSD? COOL! How would you like to join my newly formed
> > picprg2.3
> > FreeBSD testing program? ;-)
> I would love to test for you!! I will tell you what... as soon as get this
> darn PIC working, I will test as much as you need me to, no problems.

I will take you up on that.

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No. Actually I was talking about me converting the code. It would be easier
if I could get a FreeBSD account for a bit just for compile and test
purposes. Anyone know if there's a CD bootable FreeBSD package?

> Do you know how to work
> fppdos.exe? Because I can just boot off a floppy on my other box and run it
> from there.

That's an idea. as for fppdos.exe. Not a clue. And it looks like David Tait's
forum site is closing up shop. So I'm not sure the best way to use it.

> So right now, what I am going to do is see if I Can get it working in dos with
> the other box.. I dont know how fppdos.exe command line works tho. There is a
> field for device and hardware, and I'm not sure what the convention is. The
> wierd thing is, I just trie ddoing a read, and it came up all 3FFF's. I then
> did an erase... and read agian, it was Blank? And now... very few times it
> reads 3FFF's, but most of the time, its just Blank. I have no clue what that
> means, you probably would have a better idea. I am going to just try and do a
> read with no PIC, taking a jumper wire between +5 and GND, see what that does.

Let me know.


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