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Thread: Wondering about the avr...
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On 24 Aug 2002, at 9:00, Byron A Jeff wrote:

> AVR Pros
> --------
You forgot
* Fast execution of one instruction per cycle

I'll add---
Hardware UART on 20 pin AT90S2313
Easy reading from 'program' memory (LPM instruction)
16 general purpose registers including three 16 bit pointers with all the auto
inc/dec etc

> AVR Cons
> --------
> * Perception of lack of availabilty. It was a reality in the past so it had
>   a kernel of truth. Probably scared off a lot of developers permanently.
Agreed - I had to design a PCB dual 20pin/40 pin to take 2313/4414 when the
2313 disappeared for a few months.
No ADD immediate - you have to use SUBI with a negative number - not very

George Smith

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