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Thread: Crowbar protection
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> You should first ask yourself whether it's really worth it.

Unfortunately the customer was in possession when it happened
so there's some credibility to be regained. I've rarely seen a reg
fail short circuit, but that's of little comfort to the customer. No idea
why that one chose to go postal but it did, and it was just dumb
luck it blew when it wasn't here

> This kind of failure is very rare.  The cost of the protection parts
> will likely be way more than the average cost of the damaged circuit.

In this case it was $30 for the LCD and $12 for the PIC, and they are
the bulk of the circuit cost. I think it's blown the crystal too. Bottom
is that for a dollar or two I'd like to show the customer that I'm taking it
seriously (even if it never happens again, which it probably won't)

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