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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary materi
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  "If we ever do get a understanding of
   the effects this is making, how about
   a pro-active approach."

The evidence, to date doesn't support the hypothesis

Work needs to be done on reconciling the land-station
data (prone to ERROR introduced by humans owing to both
methology AND changed physical aspects of thier location)
with that data taken by *two - count 'em: *****two*****
other (not insignificant!!!!!!!) sources.

Until progress is made on this reconciliation this is an
exercise in gum-flapping ...

It is a sad day indeed when scientific community bases so
monumental a decision on such *BAD* basic inforamation
as tainted land-station temperature datasets.

It's sadder situation indeed that smart, intelligent,
discerning technical-types would glibby accept the
pronouncements of others (espscially governments!!!) with
out checking the basic *facts* upon which those monumental
pronouncements were, and are, being made.

So be it - over the cliff we go, lemmings all ...

"RF" Jim

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