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Thread: Soviet 5-year plan responsible for jaded temp readings?
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It seems to be more a matter of context and
interpretation I think.

That's how I'm taking it anyway.

Either that or perhaps a complete lack of
understanding of history?

(My intent was to attempt to extrapolte what the
world could have turned should the US have chosen
to remain isolationist - as the US was prior to
Dec 7, 1941.
MANY movies play this same game as a theme - showing
Hitler ruling the eastern half of the world - should
I  simply have referenced one of those movies? I
thought we were adults here, perhaps I err.
So why does NO ONE ask me what I meant rather than
try to pick a fight and post what seems to be
inflamatory material?)

RF Jim

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Subject (change) Soviet 5-year plan responsible for jaded temp readings?

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