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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary materi
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   "It is not that I don't accept that mankind
    is contributing to Global Warming it is
    just the ratio between natural and manmade."

We have been made victims of some VERY bad science.
I don't know why the "Chicken Little syndrome" has hit
us all - but it has.

I would rather cite semthing like this than the loosely
based premises most use in supporting claims of 'global

(Of course, we are all free to believe anything we want,
even bad science and lies from those we think are acting
only in atruistic (sp?) roles.)

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 Book pins climate change mostly on natural processes

LAWRENCE -- A new book on global climate change states that geological and
oceanic changes have had a larger impact on the world's climate than human

"The evidence shows that there are constant natural changes in the climate,
and in both directions, from warmer to cooler and from cooler to warmer"
said Lee Gerhard, a geologist at the Kansas Geological Survey based at the
University of Kansas and one of the editors of "Geological Perspectives of
Global Climate Change."

The book was published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
Its editors include Gerhard and William Harrison, also a geologist at the
Kansas Geological Survey based at KU.

The causes behind these changes are more difficult to discern but many of
them are related to changes in earth's atmosphere and geology, according to
the book, a collection of 18 papers written primarily by earth scientists.
Some small-scale changes in climate are driven by factors such as volcanic
activity, solar storms, and ocean currents.

The authors state a much larger factor in climate change, over the millions
of years of geologic time, is the movement of the earth's land masses
through plate tectonics (known more popularly as "continental drift").
Finally, the largest impact may come from such influences as the earth's
distance from the sun or the amount of energy radiating from the sun.

"Human activities, such as increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and
methane in the atmosphere, have very little impact on climate," said
Gerhard. "These other natural processes influence climate far more, even
over human history. Other processes, such as volcanic eruptions, meteor
impacts, and other natural factors, are equally or more important than


RF Jim

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