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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change
AAPG Studies in Geology # 47

Edited by Lee C. Gerhard, William E. Harrison and Bernold M. Hanson
Published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in
collaboration with the Kansas Geological Survey and the AAPG Division of
Environmental Geosciences; contributions by the U.S. Geological Survey,
March 2001

Excerpts follow:

This highly illuminating volume presents a series of peer-reviewed
scientific papers, selected to provide a geological perspective of current
concerns about anthropogenic effects on Earth's climate.

The selection of papers is both highly relevant and objective. Every effort
has been made to present facts, leaving the reader free to reach his or her
own conclusions on the likelihood of a man-made climate catastrophe
resulting from emissions of greenhouse gases and the advisability of basing
international environmental policies on the IPCC's GCM-based estimates of
climate change in the near future.

Despite the editors' meticulous avoidance of favoring one view over another,
it is impossible not to conclude from the papers selected that the present
warming trend is caused predominantly, if not entirely, by natural

Anthropogenic effects on temperature cannot be distinguished in the present
warming, as the planet recovers from the Little Ice Age with resulting
temperature changes within the expected range. The comparison with past
climate changes and the analysis of all known climate change drivers
effectively deflate the politically-driven sense of urgency to act in order
to avoid a man-made climate calamity. Indeed, the book's collection of
insight seriously questions whether the concept of man-induced climate
change reversal is feasible at all.


First order controls include solar system geometry, solar luminosity and
Earth's atmosphere, which evolved over the past 4.5 billion years and makes
Earth's climate some 20 to 400C warmer than it would otherwise be.

Second order controls are given by the distribution of oceans and
continents, which determines the heat-distributing characteristics of ocean
currents. These controls explain the 15 to 200C variations over periods of
up to hundreds of millions of years. Massive climate changes occurred in the
distant past when continental drift obstructed equatorial currents, forcing
warm surface water to be diverted to low latitudes and triggering an
icehouse state such as the one we are in now. In late Cretaceous, some 90
million years ago, there was no land obstacle to fully developed equatorial
currents and the planet was in a greenhouse state with atmospheric CO2
concentrations some three times higher than now.


Third order controls include Earth's orbital changes, solar variability,
large-scale oceanographic oscillations and long ocean tide cycles, capable
of causing temperature changes on the order of 5 to 150C over centuries to
hundreds of thousands of years, such as the roughly 100,000-year-long ice
ages predictably occurring in concert with Earth's rythmic orbital changes,
its changes in angle of rotation and its precessive movement.

Fourth order controls comprise a number of drivers affecting minor
temperature changes of as much as 50C over periods of several centuries or
less. El Niqo/La Niqa, volcanic eruptions, meteorite impacts and changes in
solar activity are the natural drivers in this category; arguably, one might
also list anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (CH4 and CO2) here as

More ...

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Copies of the book are available from the Kansas Geological Survey, 1930
Constant Ave., Lawrence, KS 66047 (785) 864-3965 for $49 plus $6 per copy
for postage and handling. Kansas residents should add 6.9% sales tax.

RF Jim

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