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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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Well, the first step in solving any problem is
defining it. In this case it boils down to whose
thermometry data do you believe.

1) The satellite data? 2) The balloon data? 3) Or the various
  weather station data?

I posted earlier an excerpt from the EPA web site that stated
the satellite data and balloon data seem to agree - leaving
some weather station data which disagrees.

Tke likelyhood that some of these Air Temperature Records
taken at various weather station data where temps show to
have increased slightly is due to the follwoing list of
potential sources of error that are known to plague the
taking of this data:

(1) temporal changes in microclimate surrounding the temperature measurement
site, such as urbanization, which go unrecognized or for which insufficient
adjustments are made

(2) long-term degradation of the shelter housing the temperature-measuring
equipment, such as its white paint becoming less reflective and its louvers
partially obstructed

(3) changes in what is actually being measured, such as true daily maximum
and minimum temperatures or temperatures at specified times of day

(4) changes in measurement devices and ways of accessing the data, such as
changing from having to open the shelter door to read the temperature, as
was done in earlier days, to not having to do so due to the automatic
recording of the data, as has become typical in more recent times.

(5) general station degradation and many station closures over time

(6) changing and uneven geographical representation in the surface
temperature network

(7) poor attention to careful acquisition of data in many parts of the


Balling Jr., R.C. 2000. Reconsidering reconciliation: Understanding the NRC
report. In: Michaels, P.J. (Ed.). State of the Climate Report: Essays on
Global Climate Change. New Hope Environmental Services, pp. 8-13.

Daly, J.L. 2000. The surface record: "Global mean temperature" and how it is
determined at surface level. Report to the Greening Earth Society. Available
at http://www.greeningearthsociety.org.

Michaels, P.J. and Balling Jr., R.C. 2000. The Satanic Gases: Clearing the
Air About Global Warming. Cato Institute, Washington, DC.

RF Jim

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