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Thread: cd recorders
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I've just finally gotten a CD-RW recorder, and have been experimenting
with reading the burned CD's (both R & RW) in other drives.  In both of
the other drives I have available to check, I can eventually read the
CD's, but not right away.  The drives are "not ready" for varying amounts
of time.  It sounds almost as though they have to "spool up" before they
can be read.  When the CD is inserted, the drives make noise, even though
there is no auto-start stuff on them (just files).  The whole process
doesn't seem very reliable.
- Is there a way to "tickle" the drives to get them up to speed before
 trying to access them, if that is the problem?
- What is different about "regular" cd's that they don't exhibit this?
 (I can always access them right away).

Thanks for any light anyone can shed!

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