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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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A better place to look than the web would be to
scientific publications, such as Science, May 18,
2001, page 1261, where "A joint statement issued
by the Australian Academy of Sciences, Royal
Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the
Arts, Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Royal Society
of Canada, Caribbean Academy of Sciences,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, French Academy of
Sciences, German Academy of Natural Scientists
Leopoldina, Indian National Science Academy,
Indonesian Academy of Sciences, Royal Irish
Academy, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italy),
Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Academy Council
of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences, Turkish Academy of Sciences,
and Royal Society (UK)..." concludes, "The balance
of the scientific evidence demands effective steps now
to avert damaging changes to Earth's climate."

I looked at http://www.co2science.org and found that
Sherwood Idso is the president.  Idso is associated with
the Western Fuels Association that seeks to discredit
Global Warming and to encourage the use of coal.  One
of their major arguments seems to be carbon sequestration
in that increased CO2 into the atmosphere will trigger
an increase in global productivity (trees will grow more)
thus increasing carbon uptake.  However, this has been
hotly debated and now seems to be solved.  If you read:
"Soil fertility limits carbon sequestration by forest ecosystems
in a CO2-enriched atmosphere" Oren et al, Nature, 411 (6836):
469-472 MAY 24 2001, this is shown to be only temporary
and will soon become limited by available nutrients such as

Also, you state that outputs from the sun are excluded, but I
don't know where you get this idea.  Seinfeld and Pandis in
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 1998, p. 1085 state
that since 1850, we have had an 0.13% increase in solar
radiation that would produce a warming of 0.26 deg C, but
that is only half of what has been observed.  In the last 25
years, the sun can only account for 1/3 of total warming.

You say the temperature has declined in a station named
"Weatherford" over the past 200 years.  I have to admit
that I don't know enough about this place to say why this is,
but I can say that we're not talking about the temperature
in any one place.  In fact some regions, are actually predicted
to get colder.  We're looking more at a global scale,
which is what's important.  The Asian brown cloud has
reduced the effects of global warming in that region, but the
pollution causes over 2 million deaths each year along
with droughts and flooding.  UNEP and C4 (2002).  The
Asian Brown Cloud:  Climate and Other Environmental
Impacts UNEP, Nairobi.

I don't understand why you're worried about O2 decreasing
in the atmosphere, since there's so much of it we're not
going to run out and suffocate.  But in case you were
wondering, O2 is decreasing due to fossil fuel
burning at a rate of 0.012 parts per thousand per year.
Bender et al, Global Biogeochemical Cycles,
10 (1): 9-21 March 1996


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