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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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Subject: Re: [OT]: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?

> Totally off topic:
> Jim,
> Wow, now I know we are doing good.  We stopped global warming before
> it even got started!!

You're assuming an unproven condition. It's a little
silly to even debate this I think. (A 'media' and
"pop-creation" by those who want to 'feel-good'. A
veritable movement instigated by the very same
save-the-whale groups that sees some need to assuage
their guilt because they don't have something to center
their lives/give their existance meaning ... I'll
quit now!)

> Now I wonder, we have some glaciers that are melting, and I
> understand we now have a stream of cold water that is hitting
> the gulf stream.  Some of

A key-word was used here: 'some'. It means not all and I
even doubt it is a majority of those in actual possession
of the facts.

Taking this line also allows you to *only* site those
sources that support your position. A LOT of factual
material and evidence is ignored this way.

> the "credible" experts are predicting some strange and cold winters
> ahead.

We *just* had a mild winter (this last winter) and one of the
**mildest** (coolest) summers that I recall in twenty-five

> About the only thing interesting that I can see, why are the glaciers
> melting? Why did a huge ice shelf brake off of Antarctica?  and this will

You don't take into consideration *other* factors  which
you cannot see, for instance, inside-the-earth's-surface
lava flow ... (You *do* know the earth possesses a warm,
nay, hot core - don't you?)

> cause colder weather.
> I think the little ants on this planet that call them selves humans
> have not even started to move a rubber tree plant.  Even if we were
> going to prevent something, we would need to know if that something

Cap a volcano.

Assure me that no more forests will burn.

Write me a warranty on the sun's energy output.

Give me confidence that we can stop *all* under-sea
oil from seeping into the oceans (thereby ALSO
contribiting to greenhouse gases in our ecosystem
and eventually in our atmosphere).

Look- man's actions are indeed SMALL compared to the
scale NATURE moves in.

We *are* ants ...

> was coming, and if what we were doing was going to help or
> hurt.  Possibly making a change one direction would cause a backlash

Like imposing arbitrary and punishing economic sanctions
against the producers in this world via something as
resticting as "Carbon Credit Trading"?

No thanks.

RF Jim

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