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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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  "every single credible atmospheric scientist and

Sorry, but, " *every* single credible atmospheric
scientist and publication" does NOT agree that
global warming is occuring.

I can show you data going back 100 years from a
temp/environment measuring station near here
that shows an actual DECLINE in average

Do you recall when this 'calamity' was first predicted?
It's been nearly 12 years now - and 'models' are still
being pointed to as 'proof' while Greenpeace fudges
evidence ...

A little more credible source on this subject and a
site that also provides access to actual temp *data*
going back hundreds of years can be found here:


Access to temp records in the US can be accessed by
clicking on "US cliamte" on the side bar. Pick a
station like "Weatherford" from the list then
click "calculate trend" and the average temp from
1846 to 200 shows a steady DECLINE.

While we're on this subject of supposed "Global
Warming" due to increased levels of CO_sub2 owing
to the combustion of recovered hydrocarbon deposits
(NOTE the deference to the term "recovered hydrocarbon
deposits" as opposed to the media-darling term "fossil
fuels") any contributory effect due to Sun and changes
in it's output are excluded -

- why is it that we don't have a corresponding DECREASE
in O_sub2 levels? (Only increased levels of CO_sub2 are
decried ... while I would think the *real* worry should
be concerned with O_sub2 levels.)

RF Jim

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