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Thread: Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?
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Title: SLIPPERY SLOPE [written by Andrew Stuttaford]

Greenpeace has been showing [these] pictures on its website:


comparing the current state of some glaciers in
Svalbard (an island some five hundred miles to
the north of Norway) with how they used to be
some eighty years ago.

The picture (ice then, rocks now) seems to give
further weight to the global warming hypothesis.

A dramatic story? Well, no. It turns out that the
Greens didn't bother to check the facts.

The London Daily Telegraph, however, did.


One of its correspondents took the trouble to consult
with the marvelously named Professor Ole Humlun, a
leading glaciologist in that part of the world. The
result? It turns out that the glacier melted back in
the 1920s.

As yet, there has been no change to the Greenpeace

This embarrassment comes a few weeks after the New
York Times was shown to have misstated the degree
of warming in Alaska.

If the case for man-made global warming is so clear-cut
as we are always told, why the need for all the exaggeration?

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Subject (change) Is GP fabricating Global Warming evidentiary material?

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