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 "Some people seem not to have grasped the significance
  of moving genetic code between species, something
  that could never happen in nature."

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am of
the impression that genetic science has discovered
that a wide range of species possess similar,
verily, common genes - although not all traits,
characteristics, or facets of these genes manifest
themselves in the formation of each creature or
plant in each of the creatures/organisms in those
so-called varied or different "species" (obviously).

What has been discovered is that a wide range of
what we call "life" possesses remarkable similarity
at the *genetic* level. Various 'things' are turned
on or enabled to be developed depending on the
"species" (remember, the concept of different "species"
predates genetic-level science - I liken it to early
claims that the world is *flat* before disproval
occurred and the true nature of the earth was

We aren't all as different as we *think* we area,
therefore, I am going to extrapolate that inter-species
gene splicing doesn't carry the risks that some leap
to conclude.

RF Jim

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