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Thread: New Burner Motivation (assumption).
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Byron A Jeff wrote:
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I'm not sure the above-mentioned .pdf is the only
document on programming the chip.
Why should they bother with a windowed or flash parts?
For developing they could use original parts. They
aim at mass very cheap non-updatable market.
These parts are present here in Ukraine, though price
information is unavailable until you show real
intentions to buy them.
Also there are rather cheap devices with these parts
inside. I was called to repair some of them. I asked
what parts are inside, then started to collect docs.
The rest is on the List.
From your URL "pinnacle.com.tw/ic/emc":

"Elan Microelectronic Corp"

subdivision of "Pinnacle Technology Corporation"

PS: by the way, the things' outputs could be programmed
as open drains, if I'm not mistaken.

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