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Thread: Space travel disasters
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> Furthermore - we have already changed our food chain
> through the process of selective breeding

The difference between relatively harmless selective breeding
and genetic modification is enormous. Some people seem
not to have grasped the significance of moving genetic code
between species, something that could never happen in nature.
Selectively breeding tomatoes by grafting and cross-pollination
is one thing, but inserting bacterial genetic code into a tomato is
quite another - some would say monstrous. One of the claims I
find totally unpalatable (as unpalatable as supermarket tomatoes)
is that "we can feed the world with better crops". This ignores the
fact that there is enough food to go around but tinpot regimes and
civil wars put a stop to the even distribution of it. Bottom line is what
it's always been - money. Even at the amateur gardener level there
are already suspicions that seed is modified so that (a) the plants
grown from it are sterile, so you have buy a whole new lot next season
and (b) that the seeds and "recommended" fertiliser (made of course
by the same company) must be used together, as there's something
in the fertiliser that is missing from the seed

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