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Thread: Space travel disasters
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  "... example of where we are NOT yet accepting
   the lessons of human nature and human failings
   is Genetic Engineering. Notwithstanding its
   very real potential advances, we are also
   *potentially* heading for a disaster through
   GE, the like of which the world has not seen
   for about 700 years."

We have already crossed that line without hope for
returning. By our attempts immunize and systematic
use of antibiotics and various strains of contagin
become resistant to them we have already moved onto
a different path than what we would travel allowing
nature to simply proceed at her own pace via evolution
and the natural life and death cycles that involves.

Furthermore - we have already changed our food chain
through the process of selective breeding - a crude
form of genetic engineering to be sure, but nonetheless
a form ... and this has been ongoing for how long now?
Granted - it may have been rather simple in it's form
300 hundred years ago, but we have always picked the
better crops/fruits/animals for reproduction and
procreation over those less stalwart or less healthy.

So, what does the medical community have as evidence
in the way of abnormal rates of disease and mortality
that indicate mankind has erred?

(I'm visualizing a scenario similar to the global warming
proponents now - "our models show ..." without complete
regard to the true operation of physics (in the case
of the environment) and biology in the case of GeneEng
gone awry ...)

RF Jim

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