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Thread: Space travel disasters
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> There was a BBC or Channel4 program on the box here in Oz not
> so long ago, and it showed how a small fleck of paint can cause
> massive damage when it collides with a space craft

Considering the amount of space junk and number of undetectable
small items that are in orbit it's a minor mirable that there hasn't been,
to my knowledge, a reported major impact. As you say, even a
fraction of a gram at 25,000kph has the potential to penetrate
comparatively thin suits and craft skins. Suits are multi-layer, probably
for flexibility, but I don't know if they have a bullet-proof layer like
armour. Most likely they don't

> I take Jinx you like to shout and smack the TV when some
> obnoxious git or idiot is spouting away

Did anybody ever have one of those foam rubber bricks ? I missed out.
Real bricks thrown at TVs works out a little expensive. Satisfying but

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