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Thread: First pic project
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> > Why do you recommend me to not mess with pre-18F chips?
> The 18F chips are more capable and easier to program.
> they costs slightly more than the similar 16F chip in
> the same package in small quantities (cheaper in large
> quantities), but that doesn't matter for hobby use if you
> are only going to by 5 of them.  The 18F chips are
> also Microchip's "latest" technology, so this is where
> the new development is.  I doubt you're ever going to
> see a PIC16 with CAN or full speed USB, for example.

In addition "PIC18CXXX Code Examples"(attached) from:



I've lost:
1. "Language thing" to explain my faults.
2. "Communism" theme to bite somebody.
3. "18X vs 12-16X" theme to enjoy dissident feeling.
Thanks very much. What should I do now? :-)

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