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Thread: how about a 3-pin PIC chip??
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Roman Black wrote:
> Has anyone else ever desired a 3-pin PIC, or
> better still, ever seen/used a 3-pin micro??

If size is critical, maybe our as ever desired PICs
in MicroLeadframe (MLF) packages will match?



8 February 2002

Microchip's popular PICmicro OTP and Flash microcontrollers
are now available in space-saving MicroLeadframe (MLF)
packages that are 50% smaller than traditional SSOP
The elimination of conventional side leads and a
near-chip-scale package improves board space efficiency,
making these devices ideal for designs where space is
at a premium.
The MLF package also incorporates ExposedPad technology,
exposing the die paddle that can be soldered directly to
the printed circuit board.
The new package simplifies manufacturing and reduces
thermal limitations.
Die customers will find handling and wire-bonding issues
to be non-existent and mounting and testing are made easier.
The first devices are available in 28-lead 6 x 6mm
packages with a common pitch size of 0.65mm and competitively
priced with typical SOIC devices.
These include four OTP devices (PIC16C62B, PIC16C63A,
PIC16C72A and PIC16C73B) and two Flash devices (PIC16F73
and PIC16F76).
Additional devices in 8-, 20- and 40-lead packages
are planned for later in the year.
Applications include handheld computers, PDAs,
high-frequency wireless handsets, handheld measurement
devices, small toys and various automotive applications,
such as keyless entry or ignition systems.
Microchip offers several development tools that support
the MLF devices.
The AC164031 adapter kit is also available now for the
PICstart Plus and Pro Mate II development kits.

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