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Thread: LCD Contrast Variation
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> > or recall it, the external circuit is slowish to respond and there might
> > be a rise-time delay that could mess up the r-m-w of the next
> Actually this problem will creep up with ANY r-m-w of the same port,
> doesn't have to be the same bit, or adjacent bits. Of course whether
> or not you need the nops is dependant on the load your PIC pins are
> driving and the speed of your PIC. TTYL

I knew it was something like that. I didn't feel like dragging out my
notes at 2:30am. Normally I'd have LCDs (or any external device)
as receptive as possible, eg by using short leads. Anything that has
a frequency response of a few MHz I don't much worry about, and
that includes common semis like LEDs, RAM, other logic and so on

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