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Thread: The PICLIST Development Project: Executive Overview
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
> The hobby PICs are:
>  16F628  -  Most capable flash part with 18 pins.
>  16F876  -  Best 16F part with 28 pins.
>  16F877  -  Best 16F part with 40 pins.
>  18F252  -  Best 28 pin PIC actually available.
>  18F452  -  Best 40 pin PIC actually available.
> I included the 16F876 and 877 only because a great
> deal of existing code and support is available for
> them.  I expect they would be dropped from the list
> as the 18F parts become more common.

From 148g3.pdf -  Microchip Product Line:
"Future" section.
PIC18F1220#  18-Lead PDIP
PIC18F1320#  18-Lead PDIP

So, maybe you should expect 16F628 also would be dropped
from the list. Is there information when 18-Lead
PIC18FXXXX will be available?
I'm pretty sure these PICs will be available much sooner
then the discussion ended, not to say when production
started, and not to say even more when customer ended his
beginner's course to apply his newly acquired skills.
If so, isn't it a good idea to reduce the project to
only 18FXXX line (only for this project, of course) to
eliminate the dilemma, you encountered:

> The only gotcha is that MCLR is on pin 1 except for the
> 16F628 where it is on pin 4.  Pin 4 isn't used by the
> other parts during programming, but MCLR must be raised
> to 13V, which would damage any pin except MCLR.  The
> programmer needs to detect this case and drive the
> appropriate pin to 13V.


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