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> Not only that, but it can handle more current grounding something than
> it can by bringing something high.

I've heard this many times since I've started working with pics, and
have just accepted it.  However, if I look at the data sheets for the
16F87x and the 18Fxxx, they both say:

Maximum output current sunk by any I/O pin:                       25 mA
Maximum output current sourced by any I/O pin:                    25 mA
Maximum current sunk by PORTA, PORTB, and PORTE (combined):      200 mA
Maximum current sourced by PORTA, PORTB, and PORTE (combined):   200 mA
Maximum current sunk by PORTC and PORTD (combined):              200 mA
Maximum current sourced by PORTC and PORTD (combined):           200 mA

Since sourced and sunk currents are the same, where does a beginner that
is only reading the data sheets learn that grounding is better?  Or is
it reflected in a different characteristic?

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