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Thread: Bright bi-colour LEDs
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> Jinx hon, how many are you after, I have some on the
> shelf (not sure which part number, would have to look up the
> '98 invoices to see what they are lol) all I know is they came
> from Alpha Tek in Sydney and are Kingbrite Bi colored ultra
> bright leds. 5mm body

I'm expecting a short production run of a specialised machine
interface. Probably a dozen or so, and each needs two LEDs
The client has seen the DSE one and not too impressed. My
reckoning of UB is > 1000mCd. Those I've seen so far are 500mCd
or less, which I'd call just bright

It would be very helpful if you could find the part number of the ones
you have (LEDs must be about the only semi with no number on
them), although it's not overly important if you can't

If I really really have to I can put a piece of clear 5mm perspex rod in
the bezel and illuminate it from below. If the bottom is cut with angles
shallow enough for two LEDs to go side by side that should do it. Big
gob of silicone to hold the LEDs in place. Sorted, and apart from a bit
of simple labour, probably cheaper to get standard UB singles anyway

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