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Thread: Bright bi-colour LEDs
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> I was going to suggest Kingbright, some product lines from them
> are available through RS, but looking round their website doesn't
> categorise things the way one would hope.
> http://www.kingbright-led.com/Default.asp

Nothing I could see in RS, Farnell, DSE or Jaycar

I did have a look at Kingbright's range, and this one looks closest


although it's still not that bright. The red far outshines the green too
so you'd have to really cut the red back which gets you back to a
not very great overall gain over standard ones, but it seems that's
the best around

However, the local distributor for Kingbright doesn't stock it, so that
means indent and MOQ. Which ain't gonna happen for a run of 20
units. Sigh. The perils of getting your hopes up looking at on-line
product ranges

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