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Thread: Random sequence
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Brendan Moran wrote:
> I have to thank you for this.  It helped me figure out the ...
> You're right, mike,...
> I'll accept that...
> Now, with that little criticism (sorry 'bout that) I will say that
> you're probably right...
> But, thanks to you, I finally have figured out how to ...
> Once again, thanks, Mike, and saying that my weightings produced a
> result that was too uniform is a valid point...

Thanks Brendan, but I'm fully perplexed with the amount
Of your " thanks". I can't handle this style of postings.
I've got into the habit to communicate in Olin's and even
more aggressive manner.

> But I would like to know if you tested your random
> number generator's randomness first, and if so,
> how did you test it, and how you define "good enough".

I'll think and reply this question later.


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