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Thread: Random sequence
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Brendan Moran wrote:
> Looks great, mike, but try setting the initial bias
> values to 42,42,42,43,43,43
> I think you'll find that the result is having code
> that fits better in a PIC.  Those bias values will
> always sum to 255.
> Like I said, similar ideas, only mine was designed
> with 8-bit math in mind.  I could run it on a 12C
> device, which is a great benefit.

I can't believe you have no one spare register to
hold 16 bit sum. And is it a big trouble to add
six 8-bit registers into 16-bit two registers value
using carry bit for example? Are these 12CXXX so weak?
I tried 42...43; the result is too predictable.


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