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Thread: Relocatable code
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Bond, Peter wrote:

> Vasile Surducan wrote:
> > I'm very sorry about this way of understanding my message.
> I think this probably boils down to English not being a first
> language again. Combine that with the lack of context in email,
> and you have all sorts of problems that can arise.

Olin Lathrop wrote some days ago:

> Also, I don't think broken English is the barrier you make it
> out to be. For example see posts from Vasily.  He obviously
> struggles with English, but in the end you can usually get the
> general idea of what he is trying to say. He also comes across
> quite clearly as a nice guy who is trying to help rather than
> an arrogant ingrate who wants someone else to do all the work
> for him.

Personally, I see Vasile's posting as a joke.


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