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Thread: Relocatable code
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templates and examples are better then tutorial.
If someone has some experience he'll grasp the idea
quickly without wasting time for reading trivial
If someone hasn't any experience a tutorial on separate
advanced topic wouldn't be of any help for him,
I think. He at first should get a book on programming
basics or better take appropriate courses at educational
Lack of documenting - for whom how; rather subjective
thing. Anyway, what do you want for free?


Kieren Johnstone wrote:
>  I think that's pretty rude of you actually, anyone
> who takes their time to write code for the PIC
> community, share their source, or even make a helpful
> post on PIClist has my vote - it's what it's all about.
>  Critisising someone, saying they should do
> (/should have done) more is a bit nasty really..

Olin Lathrop wrote:
>>> I don't have any tutorial, but lots of code template
>>> and examples at http://www.embedinc.com/pic.

Vasile wrote:
>>   Pretty bad Olin. Such a great specialist like you
>> are, may waste 8 hours from one weekend to write a
>> trully tutorial. Or at least to document better the
>> examples you have there...

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