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Thread: Worrysome emails
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Been getting some odd emails lately, with a subject, an unknown
sender and no body.  Whereas I usually brush this off as spam
and just delete it, I've got reason to question them...

- One interesting email a couple days had the subject "Stuff
you're selling".  This was soon after I put up a bunch of stuff
for sale on a local discussion forum.  So I questioned that if
it could really be some automated spam system.

- Most have some unrecognized subject like "ACCESSKEY".

- None have attachments.

- They all come to different email addresses, but ones that I
had actually used in the past.

Am I being spammed?  Should I worry that someone is sending
viruses which would exploit some Outlook security hole?  Are
this legit emails that are losing the body due to some bug?
Are there some coincidences here, and perhaps a mixture of
the above?

-Worried Neil.

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