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 "as soon as i can figure out how to panelize a
  bunch of small boards onto a larger one in Eagle."

This is especially easy in Eagle - using "group", "cut",
"paste" and a new, target/composite board that is actually

In a nutshell:

1) Create a target/composite board (which will be the composite
  of all foils in this board submission).

1a) Save the destination/composite board.

2) Get a pattern/foil for the source-layout. This is done by outlining
  (surrounding) the source layout using "group" followed by "cut". This
  places a pattern in the paste buffer.

3) Open the the destination/composite board.

4) Use "paste" to force the layout from the paste buffer to the foreground
for placement.

4a) Save the target/composite board.

5) Repeat steps 2)through 4a) as necessary.

RF Jim

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